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Choosing an effective carpet cleaner is easier said than done. After all, there are dozens of companies, both large and small, all claiming to be the better than the next guy. This can make your choice of carpet cleaning companies difficult. Just follow these tips, and you’ll have no problems finding your ideal carpet cleaner.

  1. Expect a full explanation of the different carpet cleaning methods. There are several and each has its benefits. Your professional carpet cleaner will help you choose exactly what’s right for you and the type of carpet you have.
  2. Expect a written quote or estimate.
  3. Find out what chemicals will be used and if they’re safe for children and pets.
  4. You should be told exactly who will be showing up to your home to clean your carpets.
    It’s ok to ask if employees have had a background check.
  5. Ask for referrals. A reputable company will be happy to provide solid references for you. He’s not in it for a one-time hit, but rather, he wants an ongoing relationship with you as his customer, and he will be expecting your questions. He should answer you politely and thoroughly. Any other attitude should not be tolerated.
  6. Ask about furniture being moved. Will the company move the furniture for you, or are you expected to do that yourself? Either way is appropriate, but it’s just good to know what to expect so there are no misunderstandings.
  7. Ask your professional carpet cleaner how you can take care of routine maintenance in between professional cleaning. You’ll want to know how to handle spots and stains and the best vacuum cleaner to use.

Remember, do-it-yourself machines can never do the job a pro can do for you. Even home carpet cleaning machines won’t do as good of a job as a professional can do. Using a professional carpet cleaning service will make your carpets last years longer, and for people who have allergies, regular carpet cleaning will make life much more bearable.

Professional carpet cleaning just plain makes sense.

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